Absorption Rate


Erectile dysfunction (ED) affects millions of men worldwide and can have a significant impact on their quality of life. Many men turn to prescription medications like Viagra or Cialis to help them achieve and maintain an erection. However, some men may prefer a natural alternative that may offer faster absorption and fewer side effects. The powdered roots in Go Mode are Proprietary and when ingested with water, may offer a viable, effective solution.


One significant advantage of powdered roots over tablets or capsules is that they are easier to absorb by the body. When you ingest a tablet or capsule, it has to be broken down by the digestive system before the body can start to absorb it. This process can take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. However, when you mix powdered roots with water, the body can start to absorb the nutrients almost immediately. As a result, you may experience a faster onset of the powdered root ingredients and a quicker response time.

100% All- Natural

Another advantage of powdered roots is that they are 100% natural and have fewer side effects than prescription medications. Prescription medications like Viagra or Cialis can cause side effects such as headaches, flushing, heart complications and an upset stomach. In contrast, natural remedies like powdered roots are less likely to cause adverse reactions. This means that you can take them with confidence and not have to worry about experiencing unwanted side effects.


Powdered roots may also offer a more affordable alternative to prescription medications. Prescription medications for ED can be expensive, especially if you need to take them regularly. In contrast, powdered roots can be purchased at a fraction of the cost and can be consumed as needed. This makes them an affordable option for men who want to address their ED at an affordable cost.


In addition, to being an effective treatment for ED, powdered roots may also offer other health benefits. Many of the roots used in powdered form have been shown to improve overall health and wellbeing. For example, Ginkgo Root is known to enhance cognitive function, while Saw Palmetto Root has been shown to support prostate health. By consuming powdered roots regularly, men may be able to enjoy a wide range of health benefits beyond treating their ED.


Go Mode and it's powdered roots blend when ingested with water can offer a viable alternative to prescription medications like Viagra or Cialis for men with ED.