How To Use Go Mode

How To Use Go Mode

Here's how you "Get On" Go Mode


Keeps you going throughout the night, day, or whenever the mood strikes ya!

Once Go Mode is delivered to your home in discreet packaging, you can start planning your evening:

  • Step 1

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  • Drink

    Start drinking 16-24 oz of water before taking Go Mode (for best results: on an empty stomach)

  • Shake

    SHAKE IT UP REAL GOOOOOD!! Go Mode is a concentrated formula which requires a good shake.

  • Pour

    Pour 1.5 to 2oz (shot glass) of Go Mode and drink 30-45 minutes before sexual pleasure. Chase Go Mode with additional water.

  • Cool

    Store Go Mode in a very cool area or refrigerator until your next use. Use within 30 days after opening.

Feel Go Mode surge through your veins!

Test it out with some light affection and when you feel the effects, you’ll be “On Go” Mode.

Go Mode will help you:

  • Stronger

    Achieve and Maintain stronger, firmer erections

  • Boost

    Boosts Sexual Desire which creates more intimacy

  • Pleasure

    Improves you + your partner’s sexual satisfaction

  • Stamina

    Increases your sexual stamina for extended play

  • Timing

    Extend the length of your sexual experience

For best results: Drink on an empty stomach