Your manhood is too precious to let artificial drugs mess with it. Go Mode is a 100% natural remedy that helps men of all ages overcome ED, boost testosterone, and take control of their sex lives.

  • Optimal Sexual Wellness

  • Increases Energy

  • Improves Libido

  • Boosts Testosterone

  • Induces Blood Flow

What is Go Mode?


Go Mode is what you get if you take all the benefits from your typical prescription ED drug (yes, we’re calling you out, Viagra and Cialis!), while minimizing the unpleasant side effects. Because, seriously, do “hangover-like” symptoms, backaches, headaches, nausea, etc. sound like a good time?! No thanks! We’ll stick to natural ingredients that have been lab-tested and maybe don’t make us feel like complete trash.

  • Healthy

    Is a completely natural alternative to your typical ED supplement.

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  • OTC

    You can purchase Go Mode legally, and requires no prescription or doctor’s visit!

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  • Supported

    Read what others are saying about Go Mode and how it improved their sex lives.

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  • Natural

    Uses powdered roots that the body absorbs almost immediately after drinking. This allows for a faster onset of action and a quicker response time.

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  • Aftereffect

    Has fewer side effects when compared with popular ED medications like Viagra or Cialis. Headaches are common amongst prescription medication.

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  • Beneficial

    Go Mode is composed of entirely natural ingredients that offer lots of other health benefits, such as improved cognitive function and prostate health.

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  • - Ronnie A.

    "I was skeptical that an all-natural ED product could be as effective as prescription medications, but Go Mode has proven me wrong. It works quickly and reliably, and I love that it's completely natural."

  • - Christopher J.

    "I've tried other all-natural ED remedies before, but Go Mode is the only one that has worked consistently for me. I love that it's made with simple, natural ingredients that I can trust."