Here's what happens when you take Go Mode:

Increases blood circulation

We use roots from Gotu Kola, Ginkgo and Moringa that have been shown to increase blood flow to not just your penis, but your entire body. 💪 You’ll feel great inside and outside of the bedroom!

Increases energy, focus, and libido

Go Mode’s main ingredient, Attote (a 100% natural plant-based supplement from the West African nation of the Ivory Coast), Lobelia Root, and Saw Palmetto Root helps you relax, increase focus, and jump start your sex drive. Stay mentally sharp while pleasing your partner and throughout the rest of the day.

Mild side effects

It’s normal for ED medications to cause headaches, stuffy noses, and even back aches due to your veins tightening. With Go Mode, as long as you stay hydrated, these side effects will be mild especially when compared with prescription, synthetic alternatives. You’ll most likely be too busy with the matter at hand to notice much of anything else, anway!

Feel the effects for up to 24 hours

Each dosage of Go Mode gets you going for an entire day. So yeah, you can tell your partner to start clearing their schedule. 😮‍💨

100% natural

We don’t use anything synthesized in a lab. All of our ingredients come from natural roots, herbs, or plants carefully selected and masterfully blended in the West African nation of the Ivory Coast to empower, increase potency, and improve men’s sexual performance.