FAQ - Genral

Can I trust the testimonials on your website?

Absolutely! Each individual featured on our website is a legit customer who has successfully powered up their sex life with Go Mode. 💪⚡️We have obtained their legal consent to showcase their success on our website and promotional materials.

What is the recommended usage time for Go Mode! to see results?

To achieve the best results, we advise customers take Go Mode on an empty stomach (or as near to empty as possible, for all you fancy dinner date folks). Drink 8oz of water (and stay hydrated throughout), then take a mouth full of Go Mode and slowly swallow it. We know the taste may not be ideal, but what can you expect from an all natural supplement?! 😩You’ll start to feel it within 30-45 minutes, and trust us when we say it will be so, OHHHH worth it. 👀🤤 If you take it after dinner, wash your meal thoroughly with water before taking it. This will ensure you’re on Go Mode!

Can the use of Go Mode! potentially interact with other medications I am taking?

If you are currently taking any medication, please consult a medical professional prior to taking Go Mode. This is especially important if you are pregnant or nursing, have allergies or sensitivities to salicylates (such as aspirin), have gastritis, stomach ulcers, or any other serious medical conditions. Go Mode is intended for adult use only.

How can I cancel my Order and Subscription?

Email customerservice@stayongomode.com to cancel your order and/or subscription. Go Mode offers a 5-day money-back guarantee for any unopened and returned product postmarked within 5 days of the date the product was delivered to you. You can cancel your subscription to Go Mode at any time, for any reason, without charge!

What is the active component of Go Mode?

Go Mode is derived from a proprietary blend of 100% all natural roots, plants, and herbs from mother nature. Go Mode also contains: Attote, Devil’s Claw Root, Damiana Root, Gotu Kola Root, Lobelia Root, Moringa Root and Baoba Root.

How do I store Go Mode?

Keep Go Mode stored in a cool area until you’re ready to drink it! The fridge, under your sink, etc. are all great options.

How does Go Mode taste?

Now, we can’t lie to you here! Go Mode tastes like how an all-natural supplement sounds: earthy and grainy! It may not be the most tasteful supplement, but it sure will help you get to that point, if you know what we mean 😅. If you want to do something about the taste, get creative with it. Mix it with beet juice (which also helps with blood flow), add ginger, orange juice, etc. Feel free to experiment and see what works best for you! Regardless of how you mix it, be sure to drink 16-24 oz of water before ingesting.